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China machinery industry runs good momentum continues

Dec 16, 2016

China's machinery industry production and sales continued to show good momentum, although the export delivery value growth rate continued to fall, but the steady growth of the production, sales and new product output value, and growth rate were increased earlier this year; output of major products 76 products in double-digit growth, some output of key products grew prominent in the month. New product growth improved new products January-April across the industry output value of 507.145 billion yuan, an increase of 23.52%. From the perspective of industry, with output value slowed industrial output value of 5.51%. But industry, there are five new products output value grew faster than GDP, are: agricultural machinery industry, cultural and office machinery industry, engineering machinery, components and machine tools industries. Agricultural machinery industry grew faster than total output value of new products 26.53%, on the one hand this year, production and sale of agricultural machinery industry significantly accelerated, led to the growth of new products, on the other hand also has a lower 2007 base of reason.