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Pipe-bending machine-related knowledge analysis

Dec 16, 2016

Pipe-bending machine capacity determines its application. Can bent diameter in 10MM following of models General for oil tubing (material thin, alloy material more); bent capacity in diameter for 10-38mm of models, this paragraph models uses maximum, for common of Chair, pipe bent; bent tube diameter for 38-50mm is a models; bent capacity in 50-76mm of models, uses than diameter 38mm widely; bent tube diameter for 76-130mm of models, General with in car exhaust tube, field ; Pipe diameters above 130mm profile bending machine is required, such as oil pipelines, big pipe Bender bending ability is 1000mm. At present, three-dimensional bending machine is common, usually bending ability in 130mm the following three dimensional models can do. Three-dimensional CNC Bender can bend most shapes. R depends on the size of the mold, but r is hard to bend, the machine enables configuration specifications of the bending die.