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Analysis Of The Causes Of Principal Axis Damage

Oct 19, 2017

The causes of Principal Axis Damage:

1. Program error accounts for 26.4%

2. Setting error of cutter length correction accounts for 7.3%

3. Work-piece coordinate system setting error accounts for 2.7%

4. Manual operation error accounts for 4.9%

5. Work-piece size error accounts for 1.1%

6. Tool setting error accounts for 0.5%

7. Inadequate maintenance accounts for 0.3%

8. Overloading accounts for 17.7%

9. ATC Handle setting error accounts for 1.3%

10. HSK guide bolt of handle is not installed accounts for 0.8%


So for above reasons, it is very important for operator to avoid the human factors in running the machine. However, how they work when cause r the damages? Let analyze it and specific situations are as follows:

1. The understanding of machine capability

2. Error in modifying NC program artificially

3. CAM program knife off tool

4. Cancel tool instruction and parameter change

5. Wrong setting of work-piece coordinate system

6. Tool length setting error

7. The program is not complete

8. Large diameter tool programming

9. Interference of tool holder, work-piece and fixture during machining

10. Counter direction of tool holder and other reasons like the cutting fluid enters the principal axis.