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Characteristics Of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Dec 16, 2016

1, pipe bending machine with touch screen plus CNC module dialog operation and programming simple easy 2 set, bed, structural stability, not easily deformed. 3, each document can set 16 bend angles, memory can store 16 groups of files. 4, all slow-speed, functionality, and bend angle stable repetition accuracy up to ± 0.1 ° 5, an error message appears on the screen, helping operators immediately ruled out. 6, provide their own research and development of coordinate transformation tube bending value desktop computer in software optional editing calculations. 7, complete the line into motion (DBB) car, in the process of tube bending, pulling forward movement of the pipe. In this way, removed the "forward thrust", so as to get rid of the car and bending speed of synchronization problems, removed to increase the "push" setting of DC motor feedback systems, simplifies electrical wiring.