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How To Maintain And Repair Pipe Bending Machine

Dec 16, 2016

1, when the tank cleaning tube Bender, to clean out the pump inlet filter. 2, 1-2 months after the equipment used inside, a hydraulic Chamber clean fuel tank and filter. 3, such as advance and retreat back cut out, first check whether the solenoid valve solenoid valve properly, then ordering bias overflow valve 6X3, YF-L20H4 or one-way unloading 4HD3 it has impurities stuck now. (The phenomenon generally start to use the device, easily). If stuck, apart and wash it with petrol or diesel after the install-it-again. 4, parts of the hydraulic pump station each connector installation with oil-resistant rubber sealing rings, seal ring Huai, oil spills, Ying and times more views. 5, various parts of the inspection firmware, to finish at Gu symptoms Phase.