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Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Sep 07, 2017

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

When you process the products, we need to operate the machine safely to ensure the personnel security and also guarantee the production efficiency. Accordingly, we must analyze the hazards at the first time.

Some dangerous factors:

1. The equipment has no grounding wire or unstable grounding device, which can cause electric shock in operation.

2. Use hand instead of tool to enter dangerous area, people who run it will easily get injured.

3. The operators are vulnerable because the workpieces are not secure when the machine is running.

Under the above situations, we should learn how to operate the machine correctly with the professional skills.

1. The machine operator must go through security technology training, familiar with and master the performance, structure as well as technical specification of the machine, read the instruction manual, test qualified before operation, otherwise it shall not operate the machine independently.

2. When the machine is not working properly, operators must press the emergency button to cut off the power immediately.

3. After the machine runs, the operator must not leave the scene so that he can control the emergency stop switch. Once abnormal things occurs, the emergency stop switch can be pressed at any time.

4. The power supply must be cut off before changing clamps, bending mould and other parts.

5. After adjustment of the machine, it is necessary to check the coordination of various sports organizations with a point motion to ensure that machine can be transferred to automatic operation without any problems.

6. The power supply must be shut off before the repair and maintenance, and do not touch screen with sharp or hard things to avoid damaging the screen and causing electric shock.

7. Make sure no one stays in the machine action area before starting the machine, and do not close to the action area of the elbow.

Of course, if all of the operations follow the above safety practices, the production efficiency and safety can be guaranteed.