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Machinery Steel Market Is Expected To Pick Up

Dec 16, 2016

As we all know, end of 2013 highlights the haze became the main environmental factors of China, calls for governance of the people reached its zenith, controlling smog, is not just an environmental issue, but rose to a political issue. Therefore, controlling smog, will become the 2014 event, thing to do. Under pressure from the environment, central requirements capacity on the one hand, some highly polluting industries to become the hardest-hit areas, on the project approval for a new horse will be cautious. From this, we can foresee that 2014 will not significantly increase in industrial investment, not only so, but also likely to decline, resulting in a growth of the machine tool industries affected. Machine tool industry entered a period of adjustment of depth is already a fact. When the machine tool industry will be out of "Haze", depending on the overall trend of China's economy.