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Meeting For Improving

Aug 24, 2017

Zhangjiagang Heshun Machinery happily embrace the Monday Meeting every week because this meeting will give us the working guidance for the whole week so in this way, we can have a clear aim of what we should do, what we should focus on and define each employee’s working responsibility and working range.

As we all know, it is necessary for a company to hold on meetings regular, and many companies do in this way to get their achievements. So do we. Maybe other organizations do it in a serious and formal atmosphere, but we choose another way. The meeting has nine people including the foreign or domestic trade sales stuff in sales department, our manager and hostess. Now that we talk about the atmosphere, it is a little different from others for we always discuss all questions in a smooth and harmony situation. 

The first step is all sales stuffs put forward their own problems or doubts that arise in last weeks’ working or communication process. Many times it has technical troubles, we would turn to engineers for help. And the hostess gives many advice and opinions on how to communicate with customers. It is really a experienced ways. All in all, the first period is solving all problems appearing in working course.

The second step is comments on our week plan. That is to say, the hostess and manager guide our week work and tasks allocation on the base of our plan made in last weekend. Sometimes, they will teach us how to start new work, sometimes, to adjust the workload.


The last step is communication. Instead of the class difference, we talk about some fun and strange things about work. It is a great thing that all of us can learn form the whole meeting. And I believe our company will have a brighter future as it has energetic workers, warm personal relationship and considerate working system.