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Memorable Outdoor Hiking

Sep 21, 2017

Our company organized a outdoor hiking on Sept.16th, 2017. We joined the mountain climbing team, which has many experiences on this activity.


Early in the morning, we moved forward the Li Yang, a town in Changzhou, which embraces many attractive scenic spots. On the traveling bus, we happily took part in the brain teaser activity that can award the food or water for climbing necessities. All the people are excited and looking forward to climbing the mountain.


Finally, we arrived the Li Yang, and then move to the mountain after packing up the necessities. We kept on walking when we walked as far as the foot of the hill, and there are a large and lush bamboo on the mountain. With time going on, we generally climbed up the hillside, we was in deep excitement with a interesting view to everything around us. After taking a rest and eating some food, we continued to our trip. The views on the peak of mountain are fantastic and wonderful with the sunshine. How beautiful it was when we looked at the view from the top.


The successful secret of all the things are familiar when we face the setbacks, just you climb to the peak step by step on your own.