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Pipe Cutting Machine Of The Market Competition

May 16, 2017

Pipe Cutting Machine How to choose the pipe cutting machine;

  After straightening, blocking, automatic pipe cutting machine selection of materials. Can reduce the number of material head, reduce technical losses. But the disk material can not rotate around the base of the tube, to the blocking method to bring a certainty difficult to intercept the principle of the machine is a circular blade, bearing the same rotation plane rotation. Rotate around the pipe base line, together with the beginning of the circular blade to move to the tube base.

     When the blade edge contact with the outer appearance of the pipe, the friction occurs by rotation, rolling around the appearance of the tube. The blade from time to time to the base Mu dynamic, the blade will roll out the groove in the outer surface of the pipe, until the tube blocked. To know the loss of technical loss and non-technical loss of two. To change the status quo, satisfied with the production, decline in wear and tear.

     Then the automatic cutting machine selection of the principle of data analysis is also particularly important for the automatic cutting machine selection of materials are more and more widely. Here we give me to share some of the automatic cutting machine selection of the principle of the analysis of the main analysis, so that I am very good use in the future.

Pipe Cutting Machine The advantages and disadvantages of cutting machine:

One is the pipeline around the current domestic pipe cutting machine temperature control system is divided into two. This cooling system that is through the copper tube around the barrel to access the cooling medium. The other only jacket type, this cooling system is more independent, and extrusion barrel planning for the jacketed hollow external cooling medium, compared with the previous a significant temperature control effect.

    Pipe Cutting Machine Screw diameter ratio should be short should not be long, most of the use of the mixer with forced side feeding single screw extrusion granulation. Due to the rubber in the extrusion process of heat, the longer the longer the friction coefficient is greater, the extrusion temperature is not easy to control, which is rubber masterbatch granulation of a major problem.

    With a lower processing temperature, the largest technical characteristics: the whole process of cold preparation of new technology. Can prevent the rubber additives appear after melting and then the crystallization of the original refinement of the particles to refine the specifications, the maximum limit to ensure that the formula planning "refinement and solubilization" features.