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Reducing Machine Work Precautions

May 16, 2017

Reducing Machine Reducer lubricants in the gear when the intense stirring will produce many small bubbles. If the small bubble disappears quickly, it will not affect the use. If the formation of a stable bubble no longer disappear and produce emulsification, will occur on the tooth surface overflow, damage the oil film, exacerbate wear.

  Reducing Machine Reducer lubricants selection principle reducer lubricating oil selection is the primary factor in viscosity. Viscosity is a very important physical and chemical indicators of gear oil, gear meshing speed is the main indicator of viscosity selection. Appropriate reducer gear oil viscosity, can make the internal friction of lubricating oil, resulting in gear surface wear and transmission noise, vibration, etc. greatly reduced.

 Reducing Machine The viscosity of the lubricating oil of the reducer is mainly achieved by the base oil and the viscosity index improver. Lubricant base oil viscosity and molecular structure and molecular weight: the greater the average molecular weight, the greater the viscosity of oil. On the base oil, the mineral oil-based lubricants, including paraffinic-based crude oil refining lubricants, naphthenic crude oil refining lubricants and intermediate-based crude oil refining lubricants three. The paraffin-based crude oil refining lubricants, its viscosity-temperature performance is better than the other two. Good adhesion agent, not only requires high viscosity and shear stability, but also requires a good low temperature performance and thermal oxidation stability.

  Reducing Machine In the operation of the reducer, also need a professional staff custody, so as to ensure that the equipment in the process of using the best help. I believe that with these aspects of the protection, it will be able to make the whole work efficiency was significantly improved.

  The final heat treatment of the gears of the gear unit uses the high-frequency quenching of the tooth surface with small deformation of the parts. The tooth surface obtained after high frequency quenching has high strength, hardness, abrasion resistance and fatigue limit, while the heart still maintains sufficient plasticity and toughness.

In order to reduce the deformation of the reducer, tooth surface high frequency quenching should be used lower quenching temperature and shorter heating time, uniform heating, slow cooling.