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Safety Instruction Of Pipe Cutting Machine

Sep 07, 2017

When using cutting machines, we should be careful in case of sudden emergencies. So I will introduce some safe operation specifications to keep operator’s safety and the machine’s working situation. We must work it as the rule said especially for tyro.

1. The user of the cutting machine must be familiar with all buttons and their functions on the machine. The cutting machine is suitable for steel, carbon and stainless steel.

2. Before working, the operating people should check the apparatus, whether the switch button is flexible and the protection parts are well prepared. When working, adding the lubricant

3. Check whether the cooling liquid is full in the cooling case, if not, filling it.

4. Put the pipe to be cut in the tongs, thread the foot switch and clamp it. Choose the speed range according to different material.

5. The loading speed of cutting machine should not be so fast or it will damage the saw blade and gear parts.

6. Do not touch the high speed cycling saw when operating, and pay attention to the clamp.

7. If there is something wrong, you should cut down the electricity at the first time and notice the related stuff to maintain and fix it. After all are prepared, then you can continue to work.

8. Stop the electric power after work, and remember to clear the sawdust and machine body to keep the surrounding environment.

9. Must wear the special working clothes when operators are working. Women should not put their hair down when using the machine.

We hope all of you can remember these rules and obey them to keep health and safety.