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Safety Regulations For Operation

Aug 31, 2017

Today, let’s talk something about safe. All of us know that it is dangerous to use machines for we may can’t control some its setting program at once in emergencies. So,we must be careful when operating machines. And next, I will introduce some attention points for pipe bending machine.

1. The bending machine operator must be familiar with the machine structure, capacity, maintenance and program, then pass the bending machine safety operation training.

2. Clear the working space to avoid some barrier and slipping.

3. Examine the protection device in bending machine. If not, we can’t use it.

4. Make sure that the system pressure keep in its normal range. For if too high, it would hurt the pressure elements, waste electricity; otherwise, it would influence working.

5. Adjust parts to keep everyone in their own place.

6. Put the material in the bending mold, start the foot switch.

7. Examine whether the machine runs smoothly, electric is flexible when test running.

8. The two operators must cooperate and coordinate closely. Make the certain people to operate the on-off. Remember not to chat or laugh with others when working to prevent false actions.

9. The worker can’t leave the machine tool if machine starts running.

10. When the bending machine works, there should not be any people standing in its bending range for the bending material may hit them. The operator should stand outside.

11. Don’t put hand or other objects in the working area. When emergencies happen, press the emergency stop button, then turn the switch to manual operation to reset and repairs.

12. Cut off the power supply and do well the clearing and lubricating when finishing the work.

The machine don’t have sensibility, so everything need our careful attention on it . Use well, it will help you, use badly, it may hurt you seriously. So, never regard machines as some unimportant objects.