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The Advantages Of CNC Machine

Aug 17, 2017

Zhangjiagang Heshun Machinery adopts new technology to produce advanced machines, which is CNC numerical control technology.


Heshun CNC pipe bending machine are excellent in controlling, using electric control system from Japan, for instance, the servo driver and servo motor from Mitsubishi Clubs or Yaskawa are of high capacity and great steadiness. Extra large CPU of Mitsubishi can store 400 groups of files editions. When the storage space is adequate, transform software can be installed in the computer and then the files can be stored in hardware so as to expand edition groups indefinitely.


Besides, windows operating system is installed in the computer to match with Mitsubishi servo system. Therefore, apart from the advantage of Mitsubishi servo drive, it owns the convenience of file management of windows operating system, which can store the files in hardware or disk to indefinitely expand edition groups.


For customers, the setting position of feeding vehicle can be adjusted manually and memorized location automatically in feeding position, safety position, input mode interference position and guided mode interference position. There are two methods of material feeding: straight feeding way and clip feed, in order to meet different demands.


As for the touch control screen, all the process documents are input by the touch screen, it can transform between Chinese and English, display of other languages will also be ordered according to your demand. In addition, production data displayed on the screen can be printed by connecting a printer. When bending pipe, operator may choice the decomposition action, observing interference points, modifying the action and improving efficiency.


CNC pipe bending machine change the traditional tube processing machine, reducing the manpower and resources, so as to make more profits for our customers.