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The Introduction Of Saw Blade

Aug 17, 2017

Pipe cutting machines are equipped with high precision of saw blade, so the most important accessory is saw blade, which influence the machine cutting capacity, there are kinds of saw blades: the nitrogen treatment of saw blade, titanium coating saw blade, super A coating saw blade, ultracoat saw blade, cobalt alloy HSS saw blade, HSS saw blade. Accordingly, we introduce them one by one.


1. Saw blades processed by nitrogen: Through the surface treatment, the saw blades form a protective layer that composed of Fe3O4, which improve the antiwear abilities effectively, strength the working life, this saw blades use to cut general materials.

2. Titanium coating saw blade: The purpose of this way is to enhance the cutting capacity. For general materials, it is excellent to boost the cutting speed and reduce the working loss.

3. Super A coating saw blade: This one is a new multilayer antiwear material, adapted to cut the stainless materials with high cutting speed and feeding speed for machine, especially in the hard workplace, for example, in the case of dry cutting environment.

4. Ultracoat saw blade: ultracoat is useful for corrosion and oxidation, when cut cuprum or titanium, it can play a leading role on operation, getting satisfactory performance in practical situation.

5. Cobalt alloy HSS saw blade: HSS-E(cover 5% cobalt) has a high quality, mainly featuring on semi-automatic or automatic cutting machine, it specially designs for those whose materials are difficult to cut, the function of it will obviously extend the service life.

6. HSS saw blade(cover 5% molybdenum): it is basic standard material for making metal circular saw blade. HSS saw blade are good at cutting pipes with medium and low tensile strength, widely using for manual, semi-automatic and automatic cutting machine.