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The Maintenance Standards Of Grinding Machine

Sep 21, 2017

When we use the grinding machine, the clamps are one of the most important parts on the machine, which needs more subtle examination and maintenance. So the following ways can give you some suggestions:

1. Do not to pull out the connection head when you grind the back of the tray, it is easy to cause the clamp to be loose or spring deformation, and damage the clamp as well.

2. The clamp should be cleaned up regularly after work, and the cleaned clamps must be dry by air gun or hair dryer.

3. The clamps should be gently held and not touch the surface of the fixture or the connector on the fixture.

The troubleshooting of grinding machine:

1. The grinding machine works in a slow rotation, what we should do is to remove the main tray to see if there is enough oil in the track.

2. The using time of capacitance on grinding machine are long, which will cause the machine to be weak.

3. It is best to have a voltage regulator on the grinding machine.

Daily maintenance specification for grinding machines:

1. The grinding machine must change the lubricating oil to ensure the normal use of the grinding machine every half month.

2. The grinding operator should check the grinding machine every day and fill in the grinding machines inspection records according to the regulations.

3. When add the lubricating oil, the operator should let the grinding machine spin to clean up the machine, avoiding the spills to stick on the line.