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The Use And Maintenance Of Chamfering Machine

Sep 14, 2017

The chamfering machine is composed of engine, table and cutter in outside chamfer and inside chamfer, motor and transmission mechanism, so as to form a standard machine to process the products that customers want. Accordingly, we need to inspect and maintain the machine regularly. To a certain extent, the following actions may help the operator a lot.

1. After the operation, the worker should clean up the scraps that remaining on the table to keep the machine clean.

2. Operators should observe the tightness of the belt and adjust it when necessary before running the machine.

3. What is more important is that we must check whether the holding screws are tight or not.

4. Workers should lubricate the bearing of the cutter shaft regularly and correctly.

5. While working the machine, operators must turn off the total power switch immediately if there is an emergency.

6. Do not randomly connect the wire, the switch socket must be on the wall.When cleaning the equipment, prevent water from splashing on power.

7. When replacing the chamfering wheel and waterproof window, it is necessary to stop the chamfering wheel to avoid the accident. Non - operation personnel are prohibited to open the protective cover to replace the chamfering wheel.

8. The position of fire equipment is reasonable, the operator must master its operation method, and check whether it is in good condition and whether it is overdue.