Sb75nc Pipe/Tube Bending Machine/Hydraulic Pipe Bender

1.The function of single-phase debugging function can view the pipe’s deforming course during making mould.
2.It exits out of the core slowly and is helped by dolly to improve the bending angle’s appearance.
3.The automatic mould drawing is obviously helpful to new product’s developing.

Product Details
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Main Function
1.Both the machine tool and the workpiece have the function of automatic identification, so it is fast and well to process.
2.It exits out of the core slowly and is helped by dolly to improve the bended angle’s appearance.
3.The whole course is Chinese or English captions. With the 15inch color display and touch screen, it is simple and easy to operate.
4.Graphics programming system: Draw a graphic and correct it on the stereo pipe, then processing program is got, so it is easy, quick and exact to  program.
5.The function of spring back measuring can carry out comparative measurement to the Features of every batch of pipes.
6.The function of single-phase debugging function can view the pipe’s deforming course during making mould.
7.The automatic mould drawing is obviously helpful to new  product’s developing.
8.It monitors the hydraulic, electric appliance and transmission system, motor’s phase lacking, reversion, voltage, temperature and oil pressure automatically, as well as diagnoses fault password, key, working hour and quantity record automatically in the course of production.
Technical data:

Key Specifications




Diameter × wall thickness

Φ25.5mm × 2mm

Φ50.8mm × 3mm

Φ75mm × 4mm

Maximum bending radius




Minimum bend radius




Maximum bending angle

190 °

190 °

190 °

Maximum feed length





direct- pinch

direct- pinch


Pace of work

Bending speed

Max 60° /s

Max 85 ° /s

Max 40 ° /s

Rotary speed

Max 270 ° /s

Max 200 ° /s

Max 160 ° /s

Feeding rate

Max 1000mm /s

Max 1000mm /s

Max 800mm /s

Working precision

Bending precision

± 0.15 °

± 0.1 °

± 0.1 °

Rotary precision

± 0.1 °

± 0.1 °

± 0.1 °

feeding accuracy

± 0.1mm

± 0.1mm

± 0.1mm

Data input

1. coordinates (X. Y. Z)
  2. work value (Y.B .C )

1.coordinates (X.Y.Z)
  2. work value YB C)

1.coordinates (X. Y. Z)
  2. work value (YB C )

Bending mode

1.servo pipe: 1kw
(axis above)

1. servo pipe: 1kw (axis above
2. hydraulic pipe

1. servo pipe: 10kw

Rotary servo motor power




Feeding servo motor power




Hydraulic motor power




System pressure

12 Mpa

12 Mpa

12 Mpa

Machine size

3830 x 760 x 1200mm

4900 x 1300 x 1300mm

4950 x1350 x 1230mm





Configuration of Hydraulic and Electronic Control System



Touch screen

MITSUBISHI Japan(Imported)


Japan OMRON (Imported)


Japan OMRON(Imported)

Linear Guides

Taiwan ABBA (Imported)

Other Electric Parts

German SCHNEIDER(Imported)

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